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Painting Instructions

With a few simple steps, you can preserve the attractive appearance of your building for years to come. 

If you bought a primed structure, paint your wood siding as soon as possible. To meet the terms of your JDM warranty, paint within six months, take a picture of the painted building and send it to JDM Structures at 5840 CR 201, Millersburg, OH 44654. 

SmartSide siding is a high-performance, primed panel engineered to help resist moisture, fungal decay and termites. To maximize its capabilities and withstand the elements, it must be protected by coating with quality paint. 

1. Prepare the surface. Surface preparation is the key to a long-lasting painted finish. Remove all dust and dirt from the surface with a non-metallic brush. Once the surface is clean and dry, seal the top of all horizontal trim pieces with a high-quality, non-hardening paintable sealant with a minimum service life of thirty years. Follow the sealant manufacturer’s instructions for application. This prevents moisture from becoming trapped between the siding and the trim. 

2. Paint. Apply paint only during good weather, when rain is not in the immediate forecast and the temperature will not drop below 50°F for at least 24 hours. 

Use a good quality nylon or polyester brush and/or a roller with a ½"-¾" polyester nap. Spraying is an option only if using professional, high-pressure, airless equipment capable of delivering at least 2500 PSI. Choose an exterior 100% acrylic latex paint or premium latex blend. Make sure it is recommended for factory primed wood composite siding and has at least a 5-year warranty. 

Stir the paint thoroughly. Apply primer if required, and allow to dry. Apply two coats of un-thinned paint. To prevent moisture from wicking up, all exposed surfaces of siding and trim must be coated, including the bottom edges. It is also recommended to finish the inside of the doors.

Allow one hour for the first coat to dry and four hours for the second coat to dry, or follow paint manufacturer’s instructions for drying time.