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About Us

A Family Business, Top to Bottom

From the Start

Located in the scenic heart of Berlin, Ohio, JDM Structures is a family-owned and operated business with a rich history spanning over three decades. At the young age of 15, our founder, Daniel, constructed a humble little storage barn from salvaged materials. That experience ignited a passion in him to continually learn, refine his craft, and build even more structures. Remarkably, that original barn still graces his property, serving as a lasting tribute to humble beginnings and enduring craftsmanship.

From the start, hard work and a commitment to excellence motivated our team to be the very best that they could be. Guided by a strong faith in God, a deep appreciation for His created world, and a passion for service, we have focused on working in a reverse hierarchy of service, encouraging innovation, and exceeding customer expectations whenever possible. 

Where We are Now & Where We are Going

More than three decades after these humble beginnings, our company is thriving as a provider of storage sheds, garages, animal shelters, cabins, homes, accessory lawn structures, poly furniture and commercial buildings. We build everything from classic chicken coops to multi-story commercial buildings and apartment buildings. We build a broad array of houses, from highly custom, design-forward, waterfront luxury homes to simple, honest retirement homes situated on a multi-generational family farm. These different teams are united by our purpose, our clear mission, and our deeply held values. 

We work hard to delight our customers with a quiet dedication to excellence and innovation. Baked-on finishes, an automated wall panel line, and strong continuous piano door hinges are just a few of the innovations that have helped us build and maintain a sterling five-star reputation across the decades. However, what really puts a smile on our customers' faces and inspires them to tell their neighbors about JDM is the interactions with our valued team members. From sales, to production, delivery, customer care, and support, our team works hard to earn your trust and exceed your expectations. 

We believe that in order to lead, we need to serve, and we do our best to live that out. We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve YOU! Please contact us today and let us know how we can help.


You will never be treated unfairly or unkindly here.

Our purpose is to reflect the Hand of God in the quality and integrity of our work, to be His steward in our use of the Earth’s resources, and to witness for Him in the fairness, honesty and humility of our daily interactions with others.

Our vision is to improve the built environment, using new, efficient, green building methods and materials to provide well-designed, well-constructed homes, commercial buildings and accessory buildings that solve problems for people and improve living conditions.

Our mission is to treat everyone with respect, never bragging, helping buyers make the best choice for their family or business, being fair and honest in every transaction, delivering on time, and exceeding expectations whenever possible.

We believe in working as a team, in a reverse hierarchy of service to each other, encouraging innovation and listening to each other as mutually respected and trusted professionals. We want to conduct business with a joyous and grateful heart, knowing that whenever anyone arrives or inquires, it is not a chore to respond, but an opportunity to serve.