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Care & Maintenance

Prevent moisture and mildew damage. Make sure your siding and trim are 5"-8" above ground level. Don’t allow garden mulch to build up and compromise your clearance. 

Keep bushes trimmed away from the building to maintain a proper air flow beneath and around the building. This also prevents wear to the siding. 

Prevent water and dirt stains along the bottom of siding by maintaining 12"-18" of gravel around the perimeter of the building. This is also essential protection against water wicking up into the siding. On larger buildings, gutters and downspouts could be installed. 

Make sure sprinklers do not spray water directly on the siding.

Winterize. If your building came with a ramp, maintain a ½" - ¾" clearance between the top of the ramp and the top of the floor. This allows the ramp to float with the freeze and thaw cycle.

Keep moving parts working well. Oil the hinges, barrel bolts and keyhole annually.

Use an Allen wrench to loosen or tighten the door latch as needed. Adjust the metal brace to keep the door straight and from bowing out at the bottom. 

If the doors don’t close properly, level the barn to realign them. Use ¼" - ½" shims at one of the back corners. 

Treat it gently. Always secure open doors to prevent wind damage! Buy drop rods from an authorized JDM dealer or install a simple chain, hook and eye system. 

Limit your storage in the trusses to light items such as flower pots, small boxes, inflatable water toys, etc. Roof trusses built with a bottom cord are not made to carry substantial weights.

Paint and caulk as needed. Inspect regularly and replace missing or damaged caulking along seams where boards, trim, etc. meet.  

Repaint before your paint fails! Local weather may reduce the longevity of paint’s performance.