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Getting Started
Step One. Send these with your order.*

1. Your completed Rent-to-Own Worksheet.

2. Driver’s license. Copy in color (preferred) or enlarge and copy in b&w.

3. Signed Landlord Release or Opt-Out. Customers who own sign on the Opt-Out line. Customers who rent must have their landlord fill in and sign. Send in the completed form.

4. Down payment. If paid by personal check, add 10 days to production/delivery.

Step Two. Return the Rental Agreement.*

In a few days you will receive a Rental Agreement by mail. Review, sign and return it.

After making regular monthly payments for the term you selected, you own your barn!

*All documents are required before a building will be delivered. 


This is a fabulous program:

• No credit check and no reduction of your credit worthiness

• Super-short month-to-month contract – renew by paying the rent, return the building or buy it out early

• No early termination fee 

• No buyout fees and half of rent payments are applied to the original cash price

• Only one month down and $200 security deposit

Sorry, this offer is not for all barns. Only factory-built barns qualify.

Rent-to-Own is managed by RentOwn, a leasing company that handles all administration and paperwork. 

The customer must make monthly payments and maintain the property in good shape during the rental period.