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Bob Vila’s Predictions for Outdoor Living

 Ever since the pandemic, making your backyard a top-notch living area has been near the top of almost every homeowner’s list. BobVila.com recently released its list of top 10 outdoor living trends for 2023. Here are some of our favorites:
1. Indoor-Outdoor Merge: A seamless transition from the house the backyard is number one on the list. Covering your outdoor area with a pavilion or pergola is the place to start. View all of JDM’s latest offerings for these structures here.

8. Upscale Relaxation: Patios are getting a big upgrade with features and functions that make staying outside the best place to be. Waterfalls, pizza ovens covered outdoor kitchens and more. Did you know that JDM offers firepits at different heights for different uses?

10. Sustainable Furniture: Whether upcycled or recycled, using sustainable materials is important for many reasons. Did you know that all of JDM’s poly furniture is made with recycled materials? It takes about 400 recycled milk jugs to make one Adirondack chair!
See the entire list of 2023 outdoor living trends from BobVila.com here.

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