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2023 Design Tips for Your Home - Keeping it Trendy and Timeless This Year

When setting the tone for your space, everyone has a different personal style, which is ironically in trend this upcoming year. There are tons of ways to make your space cozy and inviting while keeping things modern and fresh. Whether you are planning on a complete renovation, a new building, or just a fresh coat of paint, here are some ideas for your home renovations this winter.

The overall tone of a room or building is largely impacted by color choices. Wood stains are one thing, but paint color is another. If you have fallen in love with the colors of 2023 from places such as Pantone and Benjamin Moore a new space is a paint job away. Whether you are wanting a red refresh with Raspberry Blush or a feminine Viva Magenta, all warm tones are a hit this new year, with the lovely exception of sage green.

Materials that Elevate Your Space

The verdict is in! Dark-colored wood is an elegant addition to any inch of your home, shed, or structure. Tagging along with the newfound love for warm colors, dark stains are a way to boost your structures without a redo. If you are loving your wood choices so much you do not want to change them, there are other details like honey onyx and bold marble that compliments the wood in your home. Décor rather than permanent structures are great for a refresh that you want during a trend.

Get to Styling

The fact of the matter is trends recycle themselves, so the designs you may have loved before are back! “Nostalgic” Design to be exact. So, if before you were thinking a white kitchen may be something more you, then adding pop of color throughout is something to keep up with the times. Details and maximalism are important to making a new fun space. If you are wanting to experiment, think art deco!

Cozy Corners

If your dining table is in an open layout and you're wanting a change, consider a traditional dining room!

Designated rooms in homes are becoming more popular than an open layouts. More intimate and cozy feelings as well as traditional themes are returning. In addition to a dining space, a wellness room that focuses on health, strength, and rest is a new take on an in-home gym. Rather than putting this in your garage or basement, there is the possibility of also having it as a beautiful room in your home!

As you take time to relax, recoup and refresh this winter, take some time to consider what changes you want to bring to your home. If you decide you want more than just a fresh coat of paint this year, JDM is able to help you with new structures, homes, and more. Give us a call today to talk over your 2023 plans.

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