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5 Tips for Keeping Your Shed in Shape this Winter

It's important to maintain the health of your shed throughout the year to promote structural longevity. Heavy snowfall and cold temperatures can do damage to your shed, but taking these steps will avoid headaches throughout heavy storms this winter. These are our best tips to keep your structure maintained throughout the winter months.

1. Sweep and Rid of Excess Liquids

Before it becomes uncomfortably cold outside, now is a great time to get rid of unnecessary items in your storage as well as organize what you have inside. Ensure that your equipment and all items are cleaned off to avoid dirt build-up and rid of any things that may freeze. Remove gas from any lawn equipment before putting them away for the winter.

2. Declutter the Exterior Grounds

Removing debris from around your shed will avoid later issues once the snow piles up. It can avoid the quality of material on the exterior of your shed if your fall leaves are not taken care of prior to snowfall. The attraction of small animals is also a concern to keep in mind. Taking care of this issue before winter, but also picking up fallen branches during the season is important.

3. Check The Top Of The Roof

Address damaged and removed shingles to take care of your rooftop so nothing is able to fall through and not only harm your shed but the contents.

4. Seal and Secure

Ensure that the entryways to your shed are in great shape. If there are any signs of current or future rust growth, now would be the best time to replace them before it develops more. As these mechanics get wet with snow there will be a build-up. If it is minor you can sand off the rust, but if it is greater there may be a need for replacement. Small issues like this will lead to bigger issues with your doors so keep up with the maintenance of it while you can. Now is also a great time to seal and waterproof your paint for extra protection.

5. Remove Snow From the Roof

Throughout the winter make sure not to allow for a build-up of snow on your roof. Knocking it off with something as simple as a broom will avoid any sort of weight or water-related damage. Be sure this is added to your list of chores.

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