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The Best of Both Worlds

On the fence about if you should get a storage shed or a space for the kids? You can have both! With a split barn you can impress everyone in the family. Get work done while the kids are having the time of their lives in the new space. This is a great option to ensure the you are able to watch over them while they are outside while also having the perk of getting work done.

No need for you to compromise on a decision when it comes to who gets a new space.

Elin and Laila's playhouse is a  12'x14' Lexington, customized with ¾ height divider wall and custom paints and paint scheme, SmartSide with Medium Gray shingles, 33" Cottage Braced pine door with decorative strap hinges and 30"x36" aluminum window with Crossbar shutters. Not shown: 54"braced pine doors and 14"x21" aluminum windows. 

A Half-and-Half Playhouse for Two Sisters 

50% Playhouse, 50% Storage, 100% Sensible Solution

The parents say, “This divided barn fits perfectly in our yard, charms everyone who sees it, and is exactly what we had planned.”

In the American Girl movie, Grace, the title character travels to Paris with her mother and is delighted with a French bakery/café, the inspiration for Elin and Laila’s playhouse. For the girls’ parents, the idea of a playhouse competed with the need for a storage barn. They managed both by special ordering a divider wall in a Lexington and dedicating half to storage and half to a café-styled playhouse for the girls. The Lexington model comes with a bonus, a porch that gives the girls' playhouse a welcoming entrance.

Transforming a storage barn into a French bakery took only a coat of paint, a few nostalgically aged furnishings, a tea set, two charming blackboard signs and a fertile imagination. When the girls outgrow the playhouse (not anytime soon!), all of the barn will become available for storage.

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