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Extend Your Season

If you are in love with the feeling of being on your back deck on summer nights, there are solutions to reliving that feeling year-round.

Extend the use of your outdoor space by making it hit closer to home (literally). A space connecting to your back patio makes it easier to get to in the not-so-warm months that are common here in the midwest. No more having to worry about walking through mud puddles or snowy northeast lawns. 

This area of the country has 4 seasons, but we want to make sure you are making the best out of every single one! Here are a few tips on how to do so:

Buy Outdoor Furniture with Longevity in Mind

When considering a furniture purchase, chose a material that withstands the changing seasons if you are wanting to keep it outdoors. Chairs and other seating with cushions that are able to bear the snowy months or sturdy material. 

Add a Little Heat

Make your outside space as cozy as your indoor and just as eye-catching. There is something about the glow of a fire that will make walking out of your back porch in the breezy weather that much more captivating.

Make Some Permanent Changes

When thinking about additions to your back patio, it is worth taking time to decide the placement on concrete and small details that will allow you to walk to your space with ease, for as long as you want!

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