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Plan Your Dream Backyard Wedding

Who needs a wedding venue where you can do it all in the comfort of your space?

Wedding planning can put a lot on your plate. While you are supposed to be planning your dream day, you end up getting lost in the details and cost. Have you considered hosting at home? Something that would resolve a lot of extra additions and make your day much more personal is a backyard wedding, and we have the trick and tips to make it a longstanding investment that’s worth every penny.

More Time to Cherish Every Moment

Have a location that allows for no transportation throughout the day! No need for coordinating, and losing part of your day going to different locations. With having your wedding in your backyard, you are able to stay in one spot all day and soak in all the moments. This will allow for maximum comfort during the wedding. Along with this it is a nice house-warming.

Laidback Lovely Day

If you want an intimate wedding with your closest loved ones present this may be a great option. Especially when it comes to décor that can displayed by family sooner in the week rather than day before or day of. Along with your beautiful floral and table settings, have a bartender serving up your favorite cocktails or a barista with some lovely lattes and have fun! Enjoy drinks and great conversation under the twinkly lights as you warm up next to the fire. You can do whatever you would love, because your house, your rules.

Investing in Your Future, Not Only a Day

Looking back at photographs from your day, this venue will always be extremely meaningful for you. If you are looking to get married in the next year or so, start thinking about investing in permanent gathering space on your new property that will always stick with you in a way an overpriced barn wedding may not!

Having it at your home gives you not only comfort, but a lack of commitment to packages that are offered at most venues. Customize every piece of your ceremony and reception tailored to how you want it. Every detail from the ceremony space to the food provided is at your leeway. You want a food truck from your first date spot, or a coffee bar instead of an open bar? These decisions are all made possible in the comfort of your back porch!

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