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Quality Features in Your Next Pavilion

Five must-have craftsman features to look for in your next backyard pavilion

One thing we love about pavilions is their flexibility. Whether you plan to start out simple, with just a platform and a roof, or are looking to add extra craftsman touches with electricity to provide lighting, run ceiling fans, or even add an outdoor firepit. With a few simple tweaks, a pavilion can become an outdoor living space that you can enjoy year-round.

To help give you an idea of what to look for when deciding on a new backyard pavilion, we put together a few features you can keep in mind that can elevate your structure to the next level.


Opened vs. Closed Ceiling

An open ceiling shows off your beautiful new rafters above while a closed ceiling gives your shelter a clean look, free from potential animals nesting. This feature comes down to preference and whether you want a more rustic look or modern amenities.


Built-In Fireplace

Whether you’re gathered around the cozy fireplace during a cool fall evening or looking to make the most of your space all year long, adding a fireplace to your pavilion is the perfect way to transform your structure into an all-season getaway.

No more shivering under a blanket as you try to make the most out of your outdoor space. You can roast marshmallows with family and chat the night away with friends under the soft, warm glow of your outdoor fireplace.

For us, this extra feature is a top priority for any new build.


Steel Reinforcing Plates

Steel reinforcement is widely used in building construction these days. They impart tensile strength and act as one unit when load is imposed on them. Not only does it provide great resistance and strength to your pavilion, it is easily available, saving plenty of construction time.

Steel plate reinforcement is a nice addition to help increase the durability and strength of what is already a fine structure.


Shaded Spaces

During the warm summer months, the addition of blinds gives your structure the ability to keep you shaded and cool all day long. Add a fan to help circulate the air and you have a relaxing getaway to read, relax and unwind.

While not dealing with the structure itself, this nice addition gives you the ability to modulate your space as you see fit. Whether you want to let the sunshine in or add more shade, blinds are a perfect addition to your next pavilion.


Double Roof

A double roof is known as a very effective way to reduce both the conduction and convection heat transfer from a roof to the ceiling of a building. By having one in your pavilion, you can help increase airflow and reduce heat.

Not only is it great for keeping you cool, it looks great too! When choosing the right structure for your needs, it is smart to choose something that complements your home or property in its appearance.  While it may be tempting to just stop and purchase something you see on the side of the road, it probably is not the best choice. It always pays to explore all your options.

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