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Reframe Your Life

A-Frame trends that could simplify your life

For those dreaming of a cozy life in the woods but not looking to move their whole life there, owning a vacation property that allows you to escape everyday life is a dream come true. With an A-Frame, you can build your own wooded retreat; the perfect getaway for families, retirees, and nature lovers alike.

To understand the beauty of A-Frame living, we put together some of the advantages to building an A-Frame of your own!


A Perfect Fit

With A-Frame’s modest square footage, you are not committed to buying a large number of new home items. This makes for an easily offered home rather than a hefty purchase. A-Frames give you the option to decorate your space as you see fit.


Unplug and Unwind

Having a space and area that you love to escape allows you to fully enjoy the natural world around you. Escape your day-to-day tasks in a quant, cozy, space of your own. Set aside all your worries the second you enter the doors of this sweet space. Unplug and focus on sitting back in your new front porch view.


A Time to Explore

This space is perfect for the adventurous spirit who is looking for a hike in the woods followed by an evening next to the fire. Even if you aren't looking to spend every minute on the trail, spend your days relaxing inside as you appreciate the natural world around you through your A-Frame's large luxury windows.


Curate Your A-Frame

Adapt to your new getaway spot by curating what coziness looks like to you. Share your dreams and let them come true. The campfire you want to spend summer nights with, sun-filled windows displaying your outside view, and a grand entrance that will make you feel welcome every time.

Longing for an escape that makes you feel like you are farther than an hour or two away? JDM’s multiple designs will allow you to feel like you have truly entered the mountainside of Colorado. Make your dream vacation your own and you can visit whenever you would like! Get started today by heading to our website.

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