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The first thing to know about a JDM garage, is that it can built two ways, by adapting a shed or as a full-fledged custom garage. Since we build both, we can advise you which way is best for your needs and which will be least costly.

Adapting a shed gives you a fine garage at a very reasonable price, and in our New England Hartford shed style, you can even have a shed factory built and delivered in two halves to create a double garage. Three simple changes turn a shed into a garage: (1) 8’ sidewalls, (2) heavy-duty flooring – double SmartFloor or concrete, and (3) a garage door.

You can convert larger sizes of several styles into a garage, including Hartford, Hanover and Mystic in Catskill or New England, and in Signature, Aurora, Newport, Ontario, Raven, Skyline and Somerset. In most sizes and styles, there are nine garage door styles available in three sizes, with or without windows.

Building a custom garage gives you almost any size or configuration you might want, including the ability to build two structures in an L shape or to add a second floor as a studio, guesthouse or attic. Our Outdoor Specialist is happy to answer questions, and our architectural designer can help you design exactly the garage you want.

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