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Here's Why.

We recommend a wood door for your shed over steel, fiberglass or vinyl, and here’s why: winter. Homes have footers going down 3’-5’, below the frost line. Sheds do not. This means sheds go through a freeze/thaw cycle every year, unnoticeable in walls, floor or roof, but affecting doors.

Our wood doors are carefully designed to tolerate the freeze/thaw cycle in ways other materials cannot. Our doors have strong interior frames of 2”x3”s on edge for excellent structural resistance to warping. By using SmartSide and SmartTrim throughout, all exposed surfaces of the door have SmartGuard protection, with its tough, embedded chemical resistance to mold, dry rot and termites.     

SmartSide doors take any standard or premium paint or stain beautifully and are available with any type of siding, including vinyl. They are excellent insulators and secure, especially with the piano hinges and keyed lock that are standard at JDM. Wood resists ordinary wear and tear and is easy to maintain, repair and refinish.

Should your door ever stick on a cold winter’s day, the best thing to do is nothing! It will likely come back into position when the temps warm up. If not, the solution is simple: shim up a back corner of the shed. This little bit of correction can work wonders to re-align a door.   

At JDM, you have your choice of wood door styles: six solid wood door styles and four styles each in doors with windows (Cottage and Craftsman). That’s fourteen styles to choose from! All are available as double doors in two widths, 54” or 66”, and all but Archtops are available in 33” wide single doors.

The solid feel of wood is most traditional, most desirable and best for resale, which is why every other door is made to look like wood.


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