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The 2018 Color Forecast Announced

Just like predicting the weather, color forecasting gives guidelines for how to prepare for what's coming. At the end of every year, industry professionals make predictions about what colors will take the world by storm. Check out these color predictions for 2018 and trust JDM to make the top colors of 2018 easily available.

A major color advisor, The Color Marketing Group, forecasts the following four hues for their 2018 color palette. They named Evolve, a stone-like gray; Vapor, a metallic blue; Re-Value, a blue-green hue; and Enjoy Life, a soft yellow. JDM’s professionally developed color palette has several colors that anticipate this year’s favorites. Evolve reminds us of our Driftwood Wilderness stain, which showed new popularity in 2017. Evolve also hints of our Night Owl and Nantucket, if you want a paint rather than a stain.  

CMG’s new Enjoy life is a little darker than our ever-popular Devon Cream and a little lighter than our Spun Gold. Choose either one to enjoy in this on-trend color. CMS’s Vapor is very close to our Riverway, and Re-Value to our coordinating blue, Still Water. Look for these blues in all the design magazines, appearing as accents in backyards, and popping up as trim on sheds.

Paint retailers also publish color forecasts every year. Behr named In the Moment, a spruce blue very much like JDM’s Moody Blue, as its color of the year. PPG gave the honors to Black Flame, an elegant charcoal hue, a near-black like JDM’s Black Fox.

Collaborate with a JDM staff member to get just the right color combination for your structure. Our color palettes are filled with choices that are vibrant and bold or subtle and confident. Let the 2018 forecasts inspire you as you create the structure of your dreams. And for JDM’s Colors of the Year? We recommend Driftwood, Nantucket, and Still Water, colors that are already popular and surely have a long future.

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