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Is Marco the Ideal She Shed?

If you’re looking for a place to escape, feel like yourself, and decorate with everything your husband hates, but don’t want to leave home, you need your own space. Introducing the Marco, aka the perfect She-Shed.

What is a She-Shed?

A she-shed is a backyard shed that is the female-equivalent of a man cave, or a small, dedicated space outside your home that is set up for you. When it comes to decorating your shed, make it your space and design it just for you.

Why is the Marco the Perfect She-Shed?

This five-sided structure can be customized in so many ways to radiate whatever aesthetic you are trying to match. Add siding that matches the interior, flower boxes, window shutters, and a matching door. The Marco can be completely custom designed to match what she plans to do with this space.

Things to Do in Your She-Shed

Relax. Make this space a retreat so you have somewhere to decompress after a long day at work or with your kids. Use your She-Shed as a lounge, a place to read a new book, somewhere to watch your favorite movies, or have a spa night. Whatever relaxation looks like to you, transform your shed into a comfy, safe space.

Meet with friends. The perfect space to host gatherings with your friends for wine nights, book clubs, or dinner parties. Or, just sit around and catch up. Host the people closest to you in a setting that you have full control of to have the perfect night. Plus, it gives you space for them to sleep over if need be. 

Cultivate hobbies. A lot of hobbies need a lot of space. If you do not have the storage or layout for your hobbies inside your house, design your She-Shed to be your hobby space! Create an exercise studio, or incorporate other exercise equipment. Use the space as an art studio to paint or sculpt or make pottery. Cultivate the coziest gathering room to host a book club. Having time and space to engage in activities you love will make your life that much better.

Overall, a She-Shed is the perfect way to incorporate more you-time into your daily routine.

She-Shed Aesthetics

Below are examples of how the Marco can match your She-Shed aesthetic!


Light and airy





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